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Rejuvenating courses in Provence - 2013



June 28 to 30th
- the FIRE element
- the Microcosmic Orbit

An essential practice in Taoist internal alchemy, by learning how to make energy rise up along the spinal column (governing vessel) then descend along the body’s anterior axis (conception vessel), we clear energy blockages and activate the energy centres.
This practice offers many benefits:
- reinforcement of the immune system
- transformation of stress into vitality
- relief of back problems

Rates : 250€ (accommodations and meals included)

August 1 to 31
Taoist retreats (individuals or couples).

Back to nature - many walks and hikes leaving from La Trappe.
Rates : 80 € / day / person
Stay : minimum 3 days
Accommodations: comfortable tents or treehouses in a clearing in the midst of nature, solar showers, dry toilets.

Accommodation arrangements :
- Individual tents with mattresses
- Dry toilets
- Solar showers and open-air sinks
- Organic, mainly vegetarian meals produced on the site, varied and in the Taoist spirit.
- A yurt is at your disposal for the practical exercises.

The nights being cool at 1000m altitude, plan on warm clothing and a duvet, a head torch and walking shoes suitable for mountains.

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Organic meal
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Vegetarian meals produced on the site

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