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St John's Wort oil - Essential oil of wild lavender

Gathering of medicinal plants

On St John's day,
symbol of the force of light and warmth,
the flowering St John's wort is radiant in all its splendour.
Called "herb of a thousand holes", "pierced herb", even "demon chaser", whether you consider it a wildflower, weed or herb, St John's wort enjoys since the time of our ancestors a great popularity.
Fleurs de millepertuis
Huile de millepertuis biologique
Fleurs de millepertuis et Lavande fine sauvage

In the foothills of the Chamouse mountain in Drôme Provençale, at 1000m altitude, we gather the blossoming heads at noontime as determined by the sun.

It is then prepared on the spot at the Bergerie de la Trappe in organic olive oil.

Combined with the wild lavender essential oil, gathered and distilled at La Trappe also, its calming and healing properties are strengthened.

St John's wort oil is a known natural remedy.
It keeps its therapeutic powers for two years. It is used with success in cases of

- open wounds
- recent injuries
- bruises
- adenoma

or as a
- skin cream for the body and face after exposure to the sun, in the case of irritation (rashes, nappy rash, eczema...) and also...
- as a scrubbing oil to fight backache, lumbago, sciatica, rheumatism and sprains.

St John's wort oil is very effective for burns. It immediately stops the pain, accelerates healing and stops scarring. Because of its faculty to catch sunlight, the oil should be applied only after exposure to the sun.

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Distillation de la lavande fine sauvage

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