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The Bergerie de la Trappe, a 40 hectare estate situated on the foothills of the Baronnies in Drôme Provençale, is the departure point for hikes and trekking on the Chamouse and summer pasture land for the herds of the region. It gives you a dramatic view over the summits of the Ouvèze valley and the setting sun. A site nurturing serenity and contemplation, the facilities are sober and favour an immersion in Nature.
Bergerie de la Trappe - Courses in Provence
It is said that the Trappist monks in the 14th century came here to meditate. At the time, a donkey path linked the Mévouillon valley to that of Montauban sur Ouvèze by way of the Trappe. But since 200 years ago, only the shepherd with his flock and the gatherers of wild lavender have wandered the Trappe.

In 2000, Jackie GUETAT and Lou LUNEAU discovered this magical spot and settled here.

And so the adventure began:
building a path, finding water, starting a vegetable garden and taking up ecological construction. Today, the site is autonomous and they continue to develop...

the activities as well:
the gathering of medicinal plants, the production of oil of St John's wort and essential oil of lavender....

and accommodating rejuvenation courses and individual guests right in the heart of nature.
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Mongol Yurt construction
Gathering of essential oil of lavender
Ecological construction
Mongol Yurt

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