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The curative Tao

The TAO TE CHING states:

"TAO produces the One
The One produces the Two
The Two produces the Three
The Three produces All Things "

"To live TAO" is to get into time with natural and universal laws.

The cycle of the seasons, the clouds carried by the wind, the current of the river and the force of the sea, everything revealed to us by the routes of nature can teach us how to live.

The "primordial laws" fill us with humility and joy and inspire those who try to communicate with them.

These Taoist practices help us perceive the generous, generative and creative energy of the Earth and the Universe.

The CURATIVE TAO is a coherent system of simple and very effective practices brought together and taught by MANTAK CHIA.

They detoxify the body, free energy blocks, and provide for a greater mobility and clearer thinking, which lead to Oneness.

They provide us with a better knowledge of ourselves, a responsible autonomy vis-à-vis our health.
Before beginning the Taoist Internal Alchemy, it is essential to take part in the basic courses which are the 6 healing sounds, the Inner Smile and the Microcosmic Orbit.

Initially a teacher, Jackie GUETAT studied unicist (classical) homeopathy, then started therapeutic massages and practiced the traditional Hata Yoga taught by master O'TIWARI.

She then discovered Chinese energy and the understanding of the law of the 5 elements.
She encountered MANTAK CHIA and the CURATIVE TAO and began quite naturally, after several years of training, to teach this "art of self-healing".

From March to October, she leads rejuvenation courses organised by the Assocation YONI at the Bergerie de la Trappe, situated at 1000m altitude on the slope of the Chamouse Mountain, in Drôme Provençale.

Night of a full moon in the snow
Night of a full moon in the snow

Meditation in the yurt
Meditation in the yurt

Me Mantak Chia
In the company of Me Mantak Chia

Tao Garden
Early morning in the Tao Garden
in Thailand

Universal Healing Tao System
instructor certified
by the Master MANTAK CHIA

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